Barn Fire in Nottingham
By Union Firemen
August 21, 2018

Box 2113

At 0119 hours, the Union Fire Company No. 1, along with the Community Fire Company of Rising Sun, MD (8), the Robert Fulton Fire Company (89), and the Cochranville Fire Company (27), was alerted for a reported Barn on fire in the 200 block of West Christine Road (Route 272) in the Nottingham section of West Nottingham Township. Numerous calls to 911 reported a working fire in the area of the Wawa.

Chief 21 (Meadowcroft) arrived and confirmed a well involved barn. The "Christine Road Command" was established and the First Alarm Tanker Task Force was requested. This alerted Tankers from West Grove (22), Avondale (23), Quarryville (57), and Bart Township (51).

Engine 21-4 (FF Fox) arrived and laid out a 5" supply line from the road. The crew then stretched an 2.5" hand line to begin fire suppression efforts.

Engine 21-1 (FF B. Slauch) picked up the supply line and prepared to set up a Water Supply Dump Site with Tanker 21 (Past Chief Fowler) at the end of the driveway. Both folding tanks off of Tanker 21 were set up.

Ladder 21 (Lt. Kelley) pulled passed the barn and set up for Master Stream Operations.

Deputy 21 (Obenchain) took the Operations Role and directed the crews operating several hand lines.

Engine 28 was re-directed to Todd's Pond on Stoney Lane for a Draft Site.

Arriving Tankers dumped their water into the folding tanks and made several trips while shuttling water throughout the incident.

Engine 89-1 was sent to the pond on Ponds Edge Drive to establish a second Draft Site.

All units worked for several hours while the Chester County Fire Marshals Office investigated the incident.

One Firefighter was transported to the Christiana Hospital for a minor injury and was treated and released.

The final units were clear of the incident at 0608 hours.

Lancaster County Tanker 52 transferred into Station 21 to cover our district.

Units: Ambulance 21-1, Ambulance 21-2, Chief 21, Deputy 21, Engine 21-1, Engine 21-2, Engine 21-4, Ladder 21, Tanker 21, Utility 21, Fire Police
Mutual Aid: Engine 813, Engine 28, Tanker 8, Engine 89-1, Tanker 89, Rescue 27, Tanker 27, Tanker 22, Tanker 23, Tanker 57, Tanker 51, FM100, FM101, Pennsylvania State Police